Myths About Geothermal Systems in New Castle, Pennsylvania

Exploring the Myths of Geothermal Systems in Pittsburgh

Geothermal systems in Pittsburgh have yet to become mainstream, but homeowners are slowly coming around to their benefits. However, the truth is that geothermal systems may be off-putting to some homeowners due to several myths that have plagued the industry. If you're looking for a better way to regulate your home's temperature and save more energy, it pays to do your research and understand myths vs. reality.

Here are some of the most common myths that homeowners have heard about geothermal systems, followed by the truth to clear up any confusion:
Myth #1: Geothermal Systems Use Too Much Electricity
Some Pittsburgh homeowners are under the impression that a geothermal system isn't considered as renewable technology and wastes electricity. This myth stems from the idea that geothermal systems use electricity to operate, but the truth is that these systems use only one unit of electricity. You won't have to worry about running up your electric bill when you choose to install a geothermal system.
Myth #2: Wind Power is More Affordable and Favorable when Compared to Geothermal Systems
Another myth is that wind power is a more favorable renewable technology when stacked up against geothermal systems. However, the reality is that geothermal systems remove four times more kilowatt-hours of consumption from the electric grid vs wind power. Although wind power has its place, geothermal systems is one of the most cost effective and clean ways to heat and cool your home.
Myth #3: Geothermal Systems Are Noisy
If you think that geothermal systems are noisy, think again. These systems are relatively quiet, and the noise that they generate certainly won't bother the neighbors. Eventually, homeowners in Pittsburgh will become accustomed to the sound that these systems make, just like any other noise in the home.
Myth #4: Geothermal Systems Are Only Good for Heating
This is one of the biggest misconceptions of geothermal systems in Pittsburgh. Although these systems do a fantastic job of heating your home warm during frigid Pittsburgh winters, they are also very efficient at cooling during the summer.
Myth #5: Geothermal Systems Consume Too Much Water
The fact is that geothermal systems consumer very little to no water at all. If your system uses an aquifer to exchange heat with the earth, the same water is returned to the aquifer. In the past, there were some inefficient geothermal systems that would use a “pump and dump” method that wasted water, but those are very rare today.
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