What Happens During Wintertime Well Drilling in Oil City, Pennsylvania?


Winter in Oil City, PA is notorious for freezing temperatures and excessive amounts of snow. If you take a shovel to your yard during the dead of winter, you’ll quickly discover that it’s very difficult (if not impossible) to get your shovel through the ground. However, just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that well drilling comes to a stop.


Even though that winter isn’t the best season for residential well drilling, the good news is that it can still be accomplished when you use services from Stewart Well Drilling.

Winter Well Drilling in Oil City


When homeowners call us to help with residential well drilling in the winter, the equipment used is exceptionally capable to cut through the toughest earth—including gravel. Even though the ground may be frozen several feet below the surface, this typically doesn’t present an issue for a professional well drilling contractor.


When we anticipate drilling through frozen ground, well drillers will typically choose between fixed or rotary cutter drill bits. The choice depends on how hard the ground is at the drilling site. These drill bits are extremely sophisticated and quite expensive, but they are designed to cut through frozen ground during the winter time.


One of the primary issues of well drilling in the winter is the air temperature. Well drillers will work out in conditions that are quite cold, but the project may be placed on hold if the wind chills are too dangerous. Otherwise, your residential well drilling will be carried out as normal.

What About Frozen Well Water?


The water that is accessed during well drilling is found in the water table. The table is typically found way below the freeze line of the ground surface and not impacted by outdoor temperatures. This is because it’s protected by many feet of soil and solid rock.


However, issues may arise when water makes its way to the surface. The problem stems from the piping that makes its was through the ground to your home can freeze. However, hot cords can be wrapped around these pipes to prevent freezing and keep well water flowing freely.


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