The Elements of Efficient Cooling Systems in Cranberry, Pennsylvania

Are you looking to make your home cooler this upcoming summer? Cranberry, Pennsylvania has an average temperature of 83 degrees in July and 82 degrees in August. It comes as no surprise that the average homeowner is looking to beat the heat this summer, but not every system will give the best bang for your buck in terms of energy savings.

There are a lot of cooling systems available for homeowners around Cranberry. However, the truth is that a geothermal unit is one of the best options to cool down your home this summer.

This is how geothermal cooling systems will lower your utility bills while keeping your home more comfortable:

The Temperature Below the Earth’s Surface

Many people don’t think twice about the temperature beneath their feet. However, this is one of the keys to keeping your home cool with a geothermal cooling system. Ground temperatures lag three months behind the temperature of the air below 5 feet. That means when it’s scorching hot here in Cranberry during the month of July, the ground temperature is closer to April’s moderate temperatures.

Deeper underground, the earth remains at a consistent temperature. Geothermal cooling gives us access to these desirable temperatures, making it more efficient to cool your home during the summer than ever before.

How Can Geothermal Cool Your Home?

The truth is that geothermal cooling systems can cool your home much more efficiently than a traditional HVAC. By using the sources from the Earth such as water and consistent ground temperature, you’ll find that your home stays at just the right temperature even during the warmest days here in Cranberry.

How does the geothermal pump keep your home cool? It uses water returning from the ground to create a dehumidified air conditioning for your home. Best of all, this method consumes substantially less energy and easily rejects the heat from your home back into the ground—which is a much more cost effective solution than traditional HVAC.

Simply put, you won’t find a better cooling system than with geothermal heating and cooling from Stewart Well Drilling. These systems are designed to heat and cool your home for years. Although they cost more upfront than a traditional HVAC system, it’s hard to beat the energy saving capabilities of geothermal cooling systems.

If you’re ready to put an end to skyrocketing utility bills and keep your home cool once and for all, reach out to Stewart Well Drilling for a consultation at 724-658-4488.