Is Geothermal Heating and Cooling a Good Investment in 2018?

Homeowners from New Castle to Oil City are looking for ways to save energy in 2018. If your New Year’s resolution involves saving money or simply increasing the performance of your home, geothermal heating and cooling is an ideal upgrade in 2018 and beyond.

Why Should Homeowners Choose Geothermal Heating and Cooling?

Geothermal heating isn’t a new concept. In fact, it uses the same 100-year-old technology that’s found in your refrigerator. However, this doesn’t mean this technology is too old to keep homes warm in the winter.

This style of heating and cooling has numerous benefits. It’s most known for using little-to-no energy to heat the home. The secret behind this is an underground pump that extracts energy from the ground and uses it to heat the home. This almost eliminates the need to use energy to heat the home, and therefore lowering the cost of your utility bills.

Another benefit is that geothermal systems are quiet. They do not require the same style of installation as a traditional heating system. You’ll hardly ever know the unit is there until you hear the soft sound of heat blowing through your vents.

Geothermal heating units also lower your carbon footprint. They rely on renewable energy sourced directly from the earth. They are also safe, since they do not use any combustion gases, toxic fumes, or carbon monoxide.

Switching from HVAC to Geothermal

If you’re thinking about making the switch from traditional HVAC to geothermal, Stewart Well Drilling can help homeowners throughout Oil City, New Castle, Youngstown, and the surrounding areas.

Homeowners who make the switch can experience lower utility bills and a more comfortable home. To learn more about using geothermal to heat and cool your home this year, contact Stewart Well Drilling today.