Heating and Cooling Tips for Oil City, Pennsylvania Homeowners

Are your energy bills on the rise? Oil City, Pennsylvania homeowners often cut back on their budgets during the summer and winter months, as excessive energy use can easily cause a spike in your utility bills.

The good news is that you don’t need to suffer with a home that’s too hot or too cold—and you certainly don’t need to live with pennies in your bank account. These heating and cooling tips can help your Oil City home stay at a comfortable temperature all throughout the year:

1. Check for Energy Loss in Your Home

Regardless if you’re using geothermal heating or a standard HVAC system, your home won’t stay comfortable for long if you’re losing energy in the home. Unfortunately, there are many cracks and crevices where energy can easily escape, leaving you with less money in your bank account.

For example, up to 25% of your energy is lost through the walls of your home—especially if your walls are not insulated. This makes for an easy escape route for warm or cool air to make its way outside.

In addition to your walls, you also lose around 35% of energy through outdated doors and windows.

2. Use Ceiling Fans to Your Advantage

Ceiling fans are a cheap yet effective way to help control your utility bills during the summer and winter. During the summer, set your ceiling fans to rotate in a counterclockwise motion. This helps draw cool air from the floor and distribute it throughout your home.

During the winter, set your fans to rotate in a clockwise motion. This has the opposite effect, where it draws warm air from the ceiling and helps keep you more comfortable.

3. Consider Geothermal for Heating and Cooling

Geothermal heating may not be as conventional as the standard HVAC system or even boiler heat, but it’s beginning to trend in popularity around Oil City. This is due to its energy saving capabilities and its unique method of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the seasons.

Geothermal heating works by using the Earth’s energy to naturally heat your home, rather than forcing warm or cool air through vents. The best part about it is that geothermal heating won’t make your energy bills skyrocket, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn how affordable heating and cooling your home can be.

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